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Life will surprise you but persistence will pay off

My name is Alan Hino and I was born and raised south of Los Angeles.  I work for a medical device company but stay actively engaged with my community by volunteering for a number of non-profit organizations. One of the non-profit organizations, I work with, works to normalize conversations about mental health and help remove the stigma around it.  I think Live At Your Own Pace taps into that mindset, at least for me personally.  Living at my own pace has led me to do great things like achieving my Master’s Degree and forming deeper and more meaningful bonds with both family and loved ones.  Although things may not always go according to plan or life may take unexpected turns, I have learned that staying positive and being flexible allows me a great freedom.  Life will surprise you but persistence pays off.  Living at my own pace can be difficult but I am thankful for the unexpected opportunities it has afforded me.

I first stumbled upon LAYOP at Suite 160 many years ago and fell in love with the turtle logo and the simple yet powerful statement.  The brand stuck with me for over a day and I returned to the store to purchase another shirt.  Since then I’ve been an avid supporter and always stop by when I’m in town.  I have nothing but upmost respect for both the Dre’s and the rest of the brand.  I take the LAYOP mantra to heart and both Dre’s have warmly embraced me since the very first meeting.  

I highly recommend this brand to everyone. LAYOP has become an entire family affair for me. Most of my immediate family now regularly wear the brand and we have all made several visits to the store.  The brand logo and mantra are amazing but the superior customer service makes me love the brand that much more.