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How To Launch Your Passion Project


When you're going to work and taking care of your family/personal business daily, finding time for your passion in life can be challenging. The constant question you find yourself asking is: "Where is the time?" Let's be real... in a perfect world (where you actually prioritize the things you really want to pursue i.e. your dreams), you would definitely make time for your passion. This would be the one business or idea you would build for free. I understanding Adulting (working/providing/paying bills) is the responsible choice (as it should be), but why can't you do both? Why does your passion have to suffer in order to be responsible?

Here's the deal: If you really want to be responsible, you should exercise your passion and find a way to bring it to life. If you're already doing this, good for you. However, your job is not done. Please pass this message along to someone who needs to hear it. If you're thinking about finally taking the risk and jumping into launching your passion project, this post is for you. There are three steps to launching your passion project while not totally sacrificing your current lifestyle. I believe if you follow these steps, you can get closer to creating and enjoying the life you really want, filled with happiness and passion.

Step One: Listen to your Heartbeat

What do you hear when your heart beats? Is it screaming at you with ambition and fire? If you ignore the sound of it, will you be able to live out your dreams?

These are the questions you have to honestly ask and answer yourself, in order to know what's living inside of you. Without knowing you, I can confidently say there is something inside of you. Heart. You can try to ignore it. You can try to hide behind it. Your heart knows you all too well. Don't let stubbornness stop you from greatness. Take a chance. Be bold. Listen to your heartbeat and pursue your dreams. Be fearless and move towards peace and happiness through launching your passion project.  

Step Two: Create your Master Strategy

Now, that you and your heart are in concert, it's time to get your mind together. Visualize your victory. Start putting things on paper. Spend countless hours brainstorming and researching your craft. Your passion project will not happen overnight. It's going to require lots of time, effort, money, sacrifice, failure and love. Essentially, you're making a baby here. Just like it takes a mother nine months to give birth to a child (and a lifetime to raise one), it's going to take time for you to give birth to (and raise) your passion project.

Step Three: See your Plan Through

Naturally, the last step is the hardest. It's way earlier said than done. Seeing your plan through seems pretty practical, logical and feasible, right? If you agree with this, you're correct. But that's before LIFE interferes with your plan. Then what? Are you going to panic? Rethink everything? Flee from the crime scene? Maybe regret the last five years of your life? Or are you going to see it through? Listen, I'm here to tell you that the choice is yours. Your passion in life is directly related to your purpose in life. Make sure that you allow yourself the chance to positively influence your life and others by launching your passion project. Embrace your pace today and forever.  

Good luck and LAYOP! :-)