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Hashtag Motivation: Feed Your Mind [Book Release]

Growing up, I’ve always wanted a career where I could help people and afford a good living for myself. Architect. Industrial Engineer. Sports Doctor. High School Principal. Sports Agent. Entrepreneur. Blogger. Motivational Speaker. Author? Yes, I said Author, and it’s actually happening right NOW!

It’s no secret – I love writing. I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years and love the opportunity it gives me to connect with my audience. Blogging is therapeutic and I use it to help inspire others to chase their dreams and believe in themselves on a weekly basis. One could say that the blogger to author transition is a natural progression, but it’s not easy.

When you’re a writer, you experience certain elements that can slow down your writing flow: lack of time, life, work, and multiple writing blocks/funks. These things happen all the time and there’s really not much you can do to avoid them. However, while going through it all, you can become motivated by the madness and overcome each obstacle. I’ve been able to do it as a blogger and God has now blessed me with the same opportunity as a new author.

ICYMI, I wrote a book and it’s releasing next month. Hashtag Motivation: Feed Your Mind is the perfect book for this generation RIGHT NOW. We all speak using hashtags daily. Most of us enjoy making motivational posts on social media. Hashtag Motivation: Feed Your Mind is a 60-day adventure of positivity, encouragement, and faith. This book is the perfect motivational tool for people on the go. Each daily motivational quote is written using 140 characters or fewer. No matter what you’re going through in life, being motivated is essential to achieving your goals and dreams.

The book will be available in two different versions: paperback and eBook. The paperback version is available NOW to pre-order and will be officially released on July 7th. The eBook version is now available to purchase HERE.

I would like to thank everyone who will support this book in advance. Please Enjoy the #HashtagMotivation journey. Share your personal testimony with others. Tell your family and friends about this book. GET MOTIVATED! Motivation can not only help change lives, but it can help save lives too. Be positive. Be you. Be blessed! 🙂