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Finding the Happy

As we “Bye, Felicia” another unusual year, we yet again reflect on our focus for the next 365 days. For me, especially as I celebrate a milestone birthday, it’s about enjoying life more. Maybe it’s cliché, but when I think about how much LESS we hugged, laughed, and smiled over the last two years, I know I have to be intentional with this resolution.

If you feel as I do, allow me to encourage you from the perspective of a stylist: Don't forget your happy. In dressing my clients and their many personalities, this piece of direction is vital in them cultivating their personal style. You should be able to look at yourself in the mirror before you start the day and make your own self smile. What is your unique signature? Is it your accessories? Your sneakers? Your hair? Your grin? Whatever it is, don’t leave home without it — not for the attention of others, but to remind yourself of how dope you are. Make You Happy!

I recently read a story on former Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s affinity for brooch pins. She wears one daily, each providing a message about her own feelings or intention for her day. Whether or not others get what she’s saying through her shiny accessory, she knows. It can be inspirational, humorous or even petty…and she’s super content with it. 

I’m wearing my happy in a fresh haircut, a camo jacket and big earrings. This combination makes me feel ready to take on whatever 2022 has in store…with a smile. Consider this your permission to “do you” with bravery, wit and pride. 

*raises glass* Cheers to your Happy New Year! Jada Willis(@tailorst.claire)