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Evolution of the Hoodie

The Evolution of the Hoodie


The hoodie as we know it has seemingly been around forever.

Truth is, the modern hoodie - although created around 1934 - was made popular in 1976 with the release of the film, Rocky. 

The now-sportswear brand, Champion, marketed these hooded sweatshirts to laborers in upstate New York to protect against the cold.  

Sylvester Stallone’s character — a working-class, small-time boxer — famously wore a gray, hooded jumper in his iconic run to the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps. We then see it become the athlete’s go-to piece to keep warm during downtime. From there, the hoodie becomes a staple in ecosystem of rap culture; and then (as most hip-hop trends do), it moved into mainstream fashion. Now, people of all ages and backgrounds can be witnessed donning a hoodie. 

Today, the hoodie has moved beyond just being a cozy sweatshirt with an attachment. The hood can now be found on tees that make a statement, like the Find Your Pace Hooded Tee or the Live & Learn Poncho. Give your hoodie a grown-up feel by layering it under an overcoat or blazer. The LC Turtle Thermal is great as neutral base for a fun jacket! However, if you are purist like me, you’re looking for two things — great quality and personal expression.  

I am a fan of the Wave Wash LAYOP Lines Jacket - it's soft and durable and can be worn any day - any time.

The classic stylings of the Hippie Fun Hoodie has a playful statement that will give you an instant mood boost!

Whether we are using it in it’s truest, utilitarian form to keep cover from the elements, keep low profile or just remaining effortlessly cool, we all can agree that no closet is complete with out it.