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Holiday Gift Shopping Ideas: LAYOP Gift Card

With the month of November and the ending of Daylight Savings Time at our doorstep, it's officially Holiday Season! The weather is colder. The leaves are changing colors. The first snowfall has already happened in some parts in the country. Football, Basketball and Baseball are all in season - Fall is a beautiful time of the year.

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas bring people together. Family. Food. Faith. Love. Fun. During the holidays, we are reminded how grateful we are to be alive and how much the people we care about mean to us.

This year, is offering MORE holiday gift options. Our newest addition is the LAYOP Gift Card. The gift card is the perfect gift for the person who is a newbie to Live At Your Own Pace Clothing. The power of the gift card gives each consumer the freedom to browse the site at their own pace and connect with clothing items that actually speak to their unique personality.

If you know someone who lives at their own pace and you haven't purchased their holiday gift yet, look no further. Click HERE to buy a LAYOP Gift Card! Put a smile on someone's face - it's the holidays, y'all! :-)

Season's Greetings!
Happy Shopping!
Live At Your Own Pace!