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7 Ways To Live At Your Own Pace in 2017

As you settle into the new year of 2017, I think it’s always important to set yearly, attainable intentions for yourself. Some people might call these intentions “New Year’s Resolutions” - aspirational goals people set with the intention of accomplishing designated objectives/tasks during the new calendar year.

Only 41% of the U.S. population usually make New Year’s Resolutions. Over half of them (21.4%) want to lose weight/eat healthier. The majority of this population usually honor resolutions for at least one week, then the mission gets harder. Life catches up with them and dieting becomes more of a chore than a challenge. Before they know it, they have failed again at accomplishing their New Year’s Resolution...sigh.

I have good news for you. If you haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution yet, let’s make one together. I’d like to offer seven practical ways you can live life at your own pace in 2017. Your pace might be different from mine, as it should be. Because of your routine duties and responsibilities, your ideal pace in which you live your life by naturally fluctuates at times. In order for you to regain power over your personal pace, try embracing one of the following actions this year:

1. Live Freely

Stress can cramp your style and affect the way you attack or respond to your reality. There should always be a reserve of freedom within your spirit. Find out what makes you feel free in life, no matter the circumstance. Tap into that resource as needed. Understand its purpose within your life and use that freedom to propel you to greater heights.

2. Live Truthfully

In order for you to reach your full potential this year, you must live within your truth. Stop trying to satisfy and please other people for their benefit. Learn to live and embrace a purpose-driven life: if it has nothing to do with your purpose, leave it alone. Stand tall while being true to yourself.

3. Live Selflessly

Give yourself to other people - IF - they align with your purpose and beliefs. You become stronger and wiser when you collaborate with like-minded people. By improving your circle, you will increase the impact your life will have on others. Focus on people, not results. Allow yourself to comfortably give to others.

4. Live Fearlessly

Face your fears daily. Look them in the eye with the courage of a prizefighter. Believe in yourself that you will raise your fist and be victorious. Step out on faith and totally shock yourself - you can do it. That fear is simply a mirage that is not telling the truth. Jump into your destiny without being afraid.

5. Live Boldly

Make a bold statement by actually living the life you want - not talking about it. Put yourself in the prime position to achieve your dreams and goals this year. Be strategic. Take some chances. Let it ride. You have everything you need to make it happen. Dig deeper and let the world hear your scream.

6. Live Faithfully

Faith without works is dead, my friend. You must believe in yourself and have faith in your belief system 100%. The only way you’re ever going to receive your gift is by truly believing in the process. You will grow tired. You will become frustrated. Your faith will be challenged. Stick with it and appreciate something that is so contagiously good.

7. Live Fruitfully

Share your productive results with others. Help motivate them to produce their own success. It’s perfectly fine to promote and influence a culture of fruitfulness and profitability. Be the perfect encourager to anyone willing to listen to you. Stay humble and guide them to effectiveness without being prideful.

Enjoy your Happy New Year 2017. This will be the best year of your life - you heard it here first. No matter what happens this year, be yourself and always live at your own pace!