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Origin of Design - Registered Turtle

Our Origin of Design series makes a return from its summer hiatus with the story of the Registered Turtle design. The Registered Turtle design is the official trademark of LAYOP Clothing Company. It represents everything we believe in - it's the universal symbol of truly living life at your own pace. 

The creator of the design (Founder and CEO Andre Thomas) made this design years ago, not knowing the power of the Registered Turtle. Could you blame him? Who ever thought this exact creation would be the absolute game changer...none of us. The Registered Turtle has helped bring people together. It has raised families. It has consoled lost ones. It has always been there through thick and thin. 

Throughout the years, the Registered Turtle design speaks to the general public the best. There's something special about it: maybe it's the simple design execution? The friendly pet turtle theory? Whatever it is, people are drawn to it and become curious. They want to know more about the turtle and what it represents. From there, a possible sale presents itself as we add a new member to our forever-growing LAYOP family. 

As we continue to grow as a business, more and more people will start to recognize the Registered Turtle. This design is powerful, confident and unique. It helps tell a story of courage, individuality and promise. Living at your own pace is a race most people don't know how to run. Whether you run fast or slow, the Registered Turtle design serves as the mascot for the sport of life. At the end of the day, listen to your heart and believe in yourself. You'll always be the victor! :-)