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Origin of Design - Signature Script

Today marks the debut of a new series under our blog section: Origin of Design. We feel it's very important that our consumer understands our design philosophy and execution. Though most of us aren't blessed with the gift of design, we can appreciate the beauty behind it.


The first LAYOP design we would like to highlight is the Signature Script. The Signature Script design is one of my favorite designs in our catalog. The design has a long history: it dates back a decade ago. The creator of the Signature Script (Charles "Chucky" Smith - RIP), joined the LAYOP team in 2005 - the same time I joined the company. Chucky was ahead of his time - most of his designs weren't accepted by the masses because they couldn't comprehend his concepts and overall creativity. I knew Chucky had talent as a fashion designer (he had his own successful clothing line before LAYOP), but I was one of them who wasn't completely sold on his work before the Signature Script.


Once Chucky presented the Signature Script design, I fell in love with it right away. It brought a certain elegance and luxury we were missing at the time - it made LAYOP feel rich. The Signature Script design satisfied our entire clientele. It catered to our simple and plain customer who liked the design because of its fine and classy finish. Our flashy customer identified with it because we offered the design with a gold foiling printing technique that made them feel like royalty. 


I believed (and still believe) in the design so much that I have a tattoo of the Signature Script on my right arm - now that's loyalty! A decade later, the Signature Script is still one of our most popular designs today. Originally, it was a design for men only, but now we offer the Signature Script design for women as well. 


The work of Charles "Chucky" Smith will never be forgotten. LAYOP Clothing Company will forever remember his love and dedication for the brand and lifestyle. Thank you Chucky for helping us make POWERMOVES! Salute, my brotha...see you when we get there!!!