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LAYOP Spotlight - Kofi


Today, we're launching a new wrinkle in our blog section - the monthly LAYOP Spotlight. The LAYOP Spotlight is a section for our supporters...the people who really believe in living at your own pace.

LAYOP Clothing Company would like to acknowledge one special person each month to show them we are truly honored and blessed to have their support. We would also like the LAYOP universe to get to know them better because we're all family.

The first person we would like to showcase is Kofi. Please read his bio and answers to the following questions. Enjoy! :-)


Name: Kofi

Location: Houston

Occupation: CPA

Favorite LAYOP product: Cartoon Turtle T-shirt

Why is living at your own pace important to you?

I will be the first to plead guilty of getting caught up in the grind of life. It is just too easy. Nevertheless, the concept of living at your own pace is very important to me. It is about owning your own life experiences and not being forced to live or operate at a pace that is not authentically you.

Name one person (dead or alive) you admire for them living life at their own pace?

That’s an easy question; my dad. Had he lived life at the pace others would have had or believed for him to live, I wouldn’t be here today. He dreamed big, put his faith in God and defied the odds. He made real his childhood dreams of success – going from a young African school boy to a well-respected and high thought of physician, today.

What new product(s) would you like to see from LAYOP Clothing Company in 2015?

I am definitely a T-shirt guy. So, I love the current selection. However, in 2015, I would also like to see a line of LAYOP fitted hats.