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Origins of LAYOP

Origins of LAYOP

The motto "Live At Your Own Pace" has always been easy to explain for CEO and Founder Andre Thomas: it's something he has done since 1979. Andre became the curator of the "LAYOP Lifestyle" when he took his love for fashion and sneakers from idea to enterprise. Though he always enjoyed the art of business and hustle, Andre (affectionately known as Dre-T) wanted more than just cool t-shirts his friends wore in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan. He wanted more than the respect of his peers on the campus of the University of Michigan, the birthplace of Simple & Plain Clothing (now known as LAYOP Clothing). 

With the help of his closest friends (from the SP founders to our fallen soldiers-RIP), Andre was able to produce MORE: Live At Your Own Pace Clothing became a legitimate business and tight-knit family. LAYOP promoted a culture where people can be themselves freely without any doubt or worry. LAYOP produced a family where love and loyalty were the foundational elements. LAYOP made sure that family and happiness were at the forefront of their business decisions and extra-curriccular activities. 

Now in the year 2015, Live At Your Own Pace Clothing has successfully beat the odds. As a business, we have over a decade of experience, mental toughness and memories. We have been through it all - we have seen many ups and downs. Many people have contributed to the business and blessed us with their presence: we are so appreciative with their efforts and support. 

The future of LAYOP is extremely bright - lots of opportunity within our landscape. The move to Las Vegas, Nevada has really paid off and we are truly thankful for our current positioning. With proper planning and execution, our future positioning will help us make major "Power Moves" within the fashion and entertainment industries. Moreover, it will help us continue to live within our dreams as Live At Your Own Pace becomes a lifestyle everyone in the world can relate to and believe in!

Happy New Year and as always, Live At Your Own Pace!