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New J. Anise Mixtape - Higher Than Most 2

For those who have been following her music career closely, J. Anise has been putting out quality music for some time now. Since 2011, the talented rapper and songwriter from Saginaw, Michigan has released four projects: Lamborghini Livin: The Take Off Mixtape (2011), Don't Believe The Hype EP (2013), Higher Than Most Mixtape (2014) and now Higher Than Most 2 Mixtape (2016).

From the looks of it, J. Anise might give off the vibe of a Neo-Soul singer like Jill Scott or Erykah Badu. But don't get it twisted - the girl can SPIT hot fire! Her style and flow reminds you of MC Lyte or Eve. Her confidence is high like Jay-Z and Kanye West. Her passion for music is present on every track like Kendrick or Tupac. Her storytelling is Nas-esqe. At the end of the day, J. Anise has fun like Missy Elliot and can deliver a positive message like J. Cole.

Her latest release, Higher Than Most 2 Mixtape, is J. Anise's best work to date. The 16-track project showcases an array of lyrical skills by J. Anise. Tracks like "Lineup" and "Distractions" display her creative wordplay and wavy swagger. "DWB" deals with the unfortunate reality of being Black in America today. "Buzzworthy" pays homage to her hometown Sagnasty (S/O to Draymond Green) and "World Famous" informs people how she feels about her budding career and rising future in the hip-hop game.

If you're a fan of REAL and GOOD music, especially hip-hop music, please check out this mixtape. We've been Team J. Anise for a long time. We have a life membership in the #GitFlyCrew family. We believe in her talent and dream. J. Anise is one of the hottest female rappers in the world. She may not be a household name (yet) but it's on the way. You can BOOK IT! J. Anise will be a force in the music industry for years, moving crowds with her dope rhymes and writing hit songs for the hottest artists on the planet.

Congrats, J. Anise. In our best Martin Lawrence voice, YOU GO GIRL!!!

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