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MKS Photography - LAYOP Feature Photographer Mandi Smith


MKS Photography - Mandi Smith

  • Located in Las Vegas, but often travel to Bay City, Michigan
  • I am a wife and a mother to three fantastic boys
  • I will most likely hug you when I see you. And when I leave
  • Because of my passion for photography, I get emotionally tied to every session 
  • We dance in our kitchen more than we cook in it
  • Laughter is the best medicine and makes for great photography
  • Photography is my true passion
Some of the best moments are the ones were you engage with loved ones, letting go of all expectations, simply connecting and enjoying each other. I love a photo that shows feeling and emotion. It may be indescribable through words, but undeniably moving. 
My artistic style leans on the side of simple, modern and natural. I like to stay with the trends of photography without deviating from a classic and timeless portrait.  I specialize in a finished product, whether that's beautiful art for your walls or a high quality flush mount album that you can pull out year after year.




For further examples of my work and to contact me, please go to