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Honoring Prince

Yesterday the world lost the greatest spokesperson of living life at your own pace. We lost a musical genius who always represented creativity, artistry, boldness and funk. Prince Rogers Nelson died at his Minnesota estate on Wednesday, April 20. He was 57.

Prince will go down in history as one of the most talented musicians EVER. This man played almost every instrument known to man. He sang as well as Michael Jackson. He played the drums as well as Dave Grohl. He played the guitar as well as Carlos Santana. Prince was literally a one-man band and could play with the best of them, any day of the week. 

Prince was responsible for changing the way music and sexuality was expressed publicly. He continuously pushed the envelope and forced people to take notice of his "wild & crazy" ways. Prince was light years ahead of the game. His music videos. His album covers. His photo shoots. His stance on owning your own music. Prince was a trailblazer in multiple areas within the music and entertainment industry. He was James Brown, Little Richard and Ice-T wrapped in one person. Imagine that...and that's actually who he was. 

Prince was also a fashion icon. Prince wore blouses, high-heeled boots, thong underwear and just about anything else imaginable. Nowadays, you see many male entertainers including Kanye West and Young Thug wear clothing that is inspired by Prince's fashion sense. Standing 5'2" tall Prince's personality was gigantic and legendary. There are countless stories about Prince and his regal aura. We all know the story of Prince playing basketball against Charlie Murphy. Then, there's the story of Prince disappearing in pictures with Charlamagne Tha God. Prince simply did things normal people didn't do. Case in point: normal dudes don't date Vanity, Appolonia, Sheila E. and Mayte Garcia. Prince did...I rest my case.

Rest in peace, my brother. Your legacy will live on forever. We will not forget what you taught us. We will continue to make you proud. In case you haven't properly honored Prince, please take the time out to play a song, watch Purple Rain, drink a cup of purple Kool-Aid or wear something purple today. It's only right...