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LAYOP Fitness Tip | April 2016

For April, LAYOP Clothing Company wants to focus on drinking more WATER! Many people don't drink enough water for numerous reasons. The lack of taste. Uneventful. Boring. We get it - drinking water is not sexy. However, drinking water is very healthy and has many benefits to it.

One of water's benefits is that it controls your calories. This is very important to people who are dieting and watching what they eat and drink. If you're a person who usually drinks soda pop or juice, try substituting your usual Diet Coke or Hi-C for a nice, tall glass of water. That glass of water will make you much fuller, which will help aid your dietary goals. Foods with high water content (fruit, vegetables, oatmeal and beans) are great and highly suggested for practicing healthy eating habits.

Another benefit to drinking more water is that it helps energize and fuel your muscles. Our bodies are cars and they need daily fuel to keep going. Food is vital, however, one of the main ingredients is water. In order for your body to work properly, water must be a part of your daily diet...especially if you're exercising daily. When your muscles don't receive the proper levels of water, muscle fatigue and dehydration can take place. Neither of these are any fun - trust me, I know! While in college, my body shut down from muscle fatigue and dehydration. I didn't properly fuel my body with enough fluids and it was not pretty, folks. The doctor's advice was one word: GATORADE. To this day, I drink a healthy dosage of Gatorade weekly.

Drinking water also helps with keeping your skin clear. Now, don't think just because you drink a lot of water that your skin will be perfect: water isn't the magic secret to having beautiful, clear skin. It can help. Keeping your body properly hydrated by drinking water and using skin products like moisturizer can prevent wrinkles and dry skin.

If you're having a hard time drinking water daily, try surrounding yourself by water. Not in the sense of going to the beach every day but carrying water bottles or water jugs with you, wherever you go. Make water a part of your daily life. Keep records on how much water you drink. Try it and it might help you achieve your dietary goals.

It's all in your mind...make drinking water fun and pleasurable. It's essential to living life at your own pace!