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BTS: LAYOP Spring 16 Photo Shoot

Spring is right around the corner and LAYOP Clothing Company has a beautiful gift for YOU! We are proud to announce and release our Spring 2016 Collection for men and women on Thursday, March 17th (Tomorrow). We hope you will enjoy the new additions to the LAYOP family. Lots of thought and creativity went into delivering some of our best products to date.

Each year brings new blessings and opportunities. For LAYOP, we challenge ourselves to become better designers each year. Since our humble beginnings as Simple & Plain, we have always designed our clothing offerings with the customer in mind first. Mastering the t-shirt for men was the easy part. It was natural for us to create the ultimate t-shirt from a guy's perspective. Developing a strong women's line required more skill and effort throughout the years. With new design techniques and research, the women's line is now able to reach the everyday woman in multiple ways.

We chose to shoot the Spring line at Gold Spike Oasis in Downtown Las Vegas. DTLV is a very unique place in Vegas. They're doing lots of cool things at the moment. It's home to Zappos, Downtown Project, Container Park, many new bars & restaurants and more. The upcoming season of MTV's The Real World was filmed in Downtown Las Vegas. They're even building a church in DTLV: Jeremy Martin of Downtown Faith is doing great work and making it possible for believers to come together for praise and worship.

DTLV is one of the places in Vegas where the imagery projects city life. It was extremely important to shoot within a city/urban environment so we could paint the picture of stone-cold reality. Living at your own pace is something we all want in life - it's encouraged and attainable. People with dreams and aspirations need to hear and see that message daily. With the issues and problems of today's world, hope is a positive lifestyle and attitude that should never go out of style.

Behind the scenes, we had fun shooting the Spring line. Between all of the moving pieces, the day went pretty smoothly, without any major hiccups. The models (including Ann, Mandi, Dana and Trina) worked hard and efficiently. More importantly, they killed and slayed every look for us! We love being around creative, intelligent and beautiful souls. Their presence alone attracts organic synergy that helps us create and promote the LAYOP lifestyle accurately. When people are able to live and love life freely, this living at your own pace things becomes a part of everyday life.

If you're a fan of what we do, thank you for being there. We really appreciate the love and support throughout the years. Please check out the site and tell us what you think about the new Spring line. We hope you like. We hope you support it. We hope you promote it. We hope you OWN it! :-)