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Our Story

We're out to make clothing remarkable again. Something uncommon. Something you seek out, not settle for.

Clothing for people that Live At Their Own Pace!  

Live At Your Own Pace Clothing, LLC
LIVE the label. LIVE the lifestyle. LIVE at your own pace.

With a strong desire to stand out amongst our peers, four young people with a common interest in fashion chose to go out on the “skinny branches” in the mid-late 90’s by establishing our own line of apparel. We would make it a point to find different styles or trends that weren’t the norm in our high school or city. Keeping it simple and plain was the name of the game, as the focus of our wardrobe was on color schemes, specifically matching our fashionable t-shirts with exclusive sneakers. In 2002, Simple & Plain Clothing became an official business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our mission statement focused on making clothing that appealed to those who lived at their own pace. The look was defined as clean, comfortable, and confident.

In 2006, we formally launched a new marketing campaign & line of apparel entitled LAYOP. The goal was to encourage people to live at their own pace. Since its inception, LAYOP has become a global brand that strives to define a universal lifestyle that everyone can relate to. Branded by our signature turtle and our original motto “Live At Your Own Pace,” LAYOP truly believes in being true to yourself and your individual style instead of the style and persona of others.