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LAYOP Kids Thanksgiving Story

The Adventure of the Thanksgiving Pumpkin!

It was the day before Thanksgiving and Lizzie was in the kitchen helping her mom prepare food when they realized there was a problem. Lizzie’s mom was in charge of making pies for the family dinner, but they were out of pumpkins! You can’t make pumpkin pies without pumpkins, and the only choice was to send Lizzie on a mission to get a fresh pumpkin from the market.

Although Lizzie had never walked alone to the market, she was excited and set off right away. After a few minutes of walking, she saw her friend Lionel playing in a pile of leaves. His pile of leaves looked awfully fun, and Lionel waved for her to join him. Before she knew it, they were having a great time. Lizzie hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time and played with Lionel for almost and hour! Then she remembered her mom’s pie and asked if Lionel would like to join her on her adventure to the market.

Together, Lionel and Lizzie walked up the big hill and got to the market. It seemed like she was going to make it home in time, but when they got back to the hill they ran into a problem. The trip down the hill, with a heavy pumpkin, was so far. It seemed like it would take all day, but Lionel had an idea.

He told Lizzie to wait there and quickly ran down the hill. After a few minutes Lionel came running back to Lizzie. He told her on the count of three to push the pumpkin as hard as she could. One. Two. Three. They pushed the pumpkin down and quickly ran after it. When they got to the bottom of the hill, the pumpkin was resting safely on top of a giant pile of leaves that Lionel had gathered.

In no time, the two of them walked the pumpkin back to Lizzie’s house. Lizzie’s mom was thankful for her brave daughter going on such an adventure. Lizzie was thankful that she had such a good friend in Lionel and that she was able to come out of her shell.