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Posted: Sep 23 2015

Since the launch of LAYOP Kids (roughly two weeks ago) , we have received TONS of love and support from families across the globe. The verdict is in...LAYOP Kids has been a success! Parents and kids have raved about the quality of our garments. Lionel and his friends were a nice surprise: people really enjoy the backstory of each character. Bloggers have reviewed the new collection and LAYOP Kids has a bright future within the fashion industry.


If you haven't checked out LAYOP Kids yet, please visit LAYOP.COM and click the Kids tab. We have merchandise for sale, bios on each cartoon character and a coloring page! Without you (our LAYOP family), none of this would be possible.


LAYOP Clothing Company is honored and humbled by the addition of LAYOP Kids. We're so glad to share this moment with you. Please continue to help us spread the word and tell people about LAYOP Kids. Follow us on IG and like our Facebook page!  Thank you for your support :-) 

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