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Help Wanted: Name Lionel's Pet Frog!

Posted: Sep 16 2015

LAYOP Family: WE NEED YOUR HELP! Last week, we introduced you to our new favorite turtle, Lionel. He was received with much love and excitement - he's really happy to share his adventures with everyone. Lionel likes to share special moments with the people he cares about: YOU! He needs your help...are you willing to help a turtle out?!


Recently, Lionel made a new friend. He's the cute African Dwarf Frog peeking underneath Lionel's trademark hat. Currently, Mr. Frog doesn't have a name and we need to change that. Please help us name Lionel's frog! We're in search of the perfect name for Lionel's new friend and we know you guys have great suggestions! Write the name you like best (in the comments section of the LAYOP Kids Facebook page - CLICK HERE) and we will choose a winner on Friday! The winner gets a free LAYOP Kids t-shirt of their choice!


Please spread the word - the more entries, the better. We really appreciate your cooperation in advance. We can't wait to hear from you! 

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