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The Meaning of LAYOP

Posted: Jun 25 2015

The phrase "Live At Your Own Pace" has recently received international attention over the last two weeks: Owner JimDre Westbrook has been featured in Essence Magazine and appeared on the Steve Harvey Show this month. For those who don't know JimDre, he is the epitome of living life at your own pace. He shared his personal story of being a 31-year-old virgin with Essence and the article went viral. Over 57,000 people liked it via Facebook and it started the global conversation with a popular question: What does Live At Your Own Pace (LAYOP) mean? 

As a clothing company, we feel LAYOP is fairly easy to explain and define. Since the beginning of the LAYOP era, we felt living at your own pace was the only way to live life - doing the things that make you happy. Unfortunately, there are millions of people in the world who don't know what happiness is. So many people are lost and trying to find the answers to life, where being happy and having self-confidence is a foreign concept.

LAYOP is a positive, universal message and lifestyle that everyone can relate to - it has no boundaries or limits. LAYOP sees no color, age or tax bracket. In order to fully understand what live at your own pace means, you must believe in the power of YOU! Changing your mindset and making the conscious effort to believe in yourself is pivotal in living at your own pace. Without self-confidence, living at your own pace is almost impossible. 

Having a solid foundation (God/Family/Friends) also helps aid living life at your own pace because you cannot do everything by yourself. Remember, life is a team sport: in order to win, sometimes help is needed and recommended. But what I don't have a support system...can I still LAYOP?  Yes, you can still LAYOP - if you have faith, confidence and passion for life, living at your own pace can be accomplished by anyone.

It very important to understand that live at your own pace doesn't mean you have all the answers in life right now. It also doesn't mean stop caring about others and be disrespectful. LAYOP is a lifestyle choice that promotes positivity, self-confidence and purpose. This journey called LIFE changes daily and there's no exact blueprint to live at your own pace. 

For some people, living at your own pace can take a lifetime. Don't focus on the length of time: focus on creating the best life for you and the people you care about. Live life one day at a time and be thankful for your blessings. God bless and LAYOP!!!

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