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Origin of Design - VS Away

Posted: Jun 12 2015

The Versus (VS) Away T-shirt design is becoming extremely popular with our consumers. It's the second LAYOP t-shirt design that features the tortoise and hare facing off in battle (The Mr. T T-shirt was the first design).

I believe this design showcases competitive spirit, ambition and pride. In life, most people can relate to the tortoise and hare story: we all have experienced victory or defeat. Like in sports, one of the most important factors is effort. Showing up to the dance is only half the battle. Effort can be the deciding factor to obtaining success - a necessity to perform at the highest level.

Even though the Versus Away design promotes a race between two competitors, I believe both lie within the same person. We must look ourselves in the mirror and understand who we are and be comfortable with the result. No one should be able to change that reality - live at your own pace!

Ultimately, this design can serve as a simple reminder to BE YOURSELF! Believe in yourself, stay the course and make it happen! Give 100% effort all the time and everything will work out for the best!

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