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Entourage: The Movie

Posted: Jun 05 2015

Summer 2015 is filled with blockbuster movie releases: Jurassic World, Straight Outta Compton, Minions, another Mission Impossible and Fantastic Four. I will see most of these movies, however, the most anticipated movie of the summer IMO is Entourage.

The debut of the boys (Vince, E, Turtle, Drama and Ari) on the Big Screen has been talked about since the series finale of the popular HBO show in 2011. Four years later, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here - in theaters NOW!

Entourage is the modern day story of Drake's "We Made It." I feel like people can relate to each main character and their role in the success of a close friend or relative (or your own success). Personally, I'm a lot like E in my everyday life. However, I have the competitive spirit of Ari. (Sidenote: perfect time to plug Ari Gold's book, "The Gold Standard." It's a great read - GAMECHANGER).

If you have a dream in life, your crew respects it and rides for you no matter what: support this movie. Entourage defines living life at your own pace with a Hollywood twist.

Special thanks to my Entourage - glad you guys are my woes. I appreciate your support and will never forget what each of you mean to me. Let's continue to ACHIEVE, make POWERMOVES and be MAJOR!

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