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Origin of Design - Cartoon Turtle

Posted: Apr 23 2015

The Cartoon Turtle design is a very unique offering in our catalog - it is 1 of 3 turtle designs that do not feature our trademark turtle (in some fashion). The other, being our Mr. T design. Both designs pay homage to the legendary "Tortoise and Hare" story. I believe this is the number one reason why I love each design.

The childhood fable of the tortoise and hare is a classic and its message is priceless: slow and steady wins the race. This message teaches perseverance, hard work and dedication. Most people in life are the hare - always looking for shortcuts to the easy way out. The tortoise moves too slow for people who relate to the hare.

The Simple & Plain originators (Simple & Plain was the original name of LAYOP Clothing Company) embraced being the tortoise. They never followed the crowd: instead they blazed their own trail and people followed them. I respected that mindset and hustle early, as the creator Andre Thomas and I grew up in the same town of Saginaw, Michigan.

Whether you're the tortoise or the hare, I believe the Cartoon Turtle design is a winner, no matter what. If you live life in the fast or slow lane, the message is clear: DO IT YOUR WAY AND YOU WILL WIN THE RACE!

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