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LAYOP Spotlight - Rob

Posted: Mar 31 2015

The LAYOP Spotlight is a section for our supporters...the people who really believe in living at your own pace.

LAYOP Clothing Company would like to acknowledge one special person each month to show them we are truly honored and blessed to have their support. We would also like the LAYOP universe to get to know them better because we're all family.

Below is our selected customer profile for the month of March. Please read their bio and answers to the following questions. Enjoy! :-)

Name: Rob Oden

Location: Detroit, MI and Metro Detroit Areas

Occupation: Educator. Teacher. School Counselor & Entrepreneur

Interests: Cultivating the youth, managing my artist - ILLYA and football (specifically college football)

Favorite LAYOP product: Anything paintball, anything varsity and billboard lettering. The LAYOP Hoodies are dope too! I have to finally get me a hoodie - it's one of the few pieces that I don't own.


Why is living at your own pace important to you? 

In a society where everyone is a clone, LAYOP embodies an intangible and essential message which is to be ingrained in a greater sense, embrace individuality and be true to you. All of these principles are essential to my success and life journey (living at my own pace).

Who is your favorite athlete of all-time? Why?

That's a tough one. I will have to go off the deep end and say Jay Z. Although he is not an athlete, he has all of the components of one - competitive nature, practice/trains to be the best musically and he's in my Hall of Fame for longevity and great music.

Are you excited for LAYOP's summer tank top releases?

For sure. For the past two years I've been regimented with a new healthy lifestyle. The tank top will be just in time for me to show off my good gains!

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