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Posted: Feb 17 2015

On Sunday, we participated in Dunkxchange, a traveling sneaker trade show that showcases some of the most exclusive sneakers in the marketplace, past and present. It gives people the opportunity to buy, trade or sell sneakers - a truly unique experience. Dunkxchange is held in Las Vegas twice a year, during the MAGIC fashion trade show (the largest North American fashion trade show).

LAYOP has become a DXC staple - this is our 5th year as a featured vendor. Dunkxchange has a special place in our heart because of its roots, the sneaker culture. Live At Your Own Pace Clothing was inspired by the same culture when sneakerhead Andre Thomas created "Simple & Plain Clothing," now known as LAYOP Clothing Company.

LAYOP and DXC work well together because most people who buy exclusive sneakers need (and want) exclusive t-shirts to wear. The simplicity of our brand appeals to the sneaker consumer and the quality of our t-shirts make them a satisfied customer.

Even though the sneaker culture has changed throughout the years, LAYOP is aware of its power and influence within the fashion industry. Recently, the younger generation (the Millennials) have shifted the energy and trends of the sneaker culture. The change is very similar to the current Hip-Hop culture, where it's more about the flashing lights and celebrity lifestyle than the message behind the music.

Overall, the event was very successful - we met potential business partners and made new friends. More people know about Live At Your Own Pace and that's always a good thing!

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