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Live and Love

Posted: Feb 11 2015

Life is always better with love.

Life becomes special when you have someone you love to share it with. Whether it's a family member or significant other, living life with love in your heart is a gift of happiness that cannot be replaced by superficial things. Love is real.

Living at your own pace takes courage and heart. When love is present, it fuels the body with spiritual energy. Love can heal all wounds. Love can blossom into a healthy foundation. Love needs patience and has a steep learning curve.

Sometimes love can be cruel - it has a flip side we all can relate to. When it gets you down, it sucks. However, life teaches us to learn from our mistakes and find love again. Respect yourself and others through love.

At the end of the day, we're all blessed with love inside us. Nothing is promised in life as we should live every day being thankful. God is love.

Happy Valentine's Day from LAYOP Clothing Company!
xoxo <3

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