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LAYOP Super Bowl Sunday

Posted: Feb 04 2015

On this past Sunday, the LAYOP boys celebrated Super Bowl Sunday in great fashion. CFO and CIO Greg Heard hosted his annual Super Bowl Party at his beautiful home and it did not disappoint. There was delicious food, games and prizes, friends and family and one of the craziest endings to a Super Bowl EVER! We couldn't have asked for a better game. A different outcome...entirely different story

Despite Seattle's epic fail at the 1-yard line, most of us watching the game were pleased to witness a competitive game. However, that last play really changed the mood of the room. Some of us had similar reactions of disgust or elation. Personally, I felt like I was watching my Green Bay Packers blow the NFC Championship Game all over again - I was SICK to my stomach. 

That play will be talked about around the world until the end of time (thanks, Pete Carroll). It's funny how quick things can turn from good to bad in seconds - from HERO to GOAT. On the bright side, fellow Michigan Man Tom Brady won his 4th Super Bowl Title - GO BLUE! 

Now that football is over, basketball is number one. So, who's going to win it all this year...Spurs, Warriors, Clippers, Hawks, Bulls or Cavs?

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